Now Offering Its Creative Professional 3D Design Services in the U.S. and Canada

Specialty 3D printing service helps industrial designers & architects bring ideas to life

Award winning designers Elium Studio, Roubert Ravaux Clement and Sevnn win using

Paris, France – (February 5, 2011) Sculpteo, a full online 3D printing service, is now offering its professional service in the United States, allowing real-life designs to be produced directly from 3D files. This user-friendly 24hr online service eliminates the need for customer service representatives, creating a faster, more efficient way to do business. offers designers the ability to craft and customize their creations into tangible objects. offers designers in every field the opportunity to go directly from their digital 3D file to a physical object in a weeks time. Better yet, 3D Printing can reflect a product’s mechanical properties, allowing direct production of functional prototypes. With its online interface, speeds up project management by putting digital design within hand’s reach.

This unique service makes it easy for users to edit or customize items by allowing them to select size, material and color/ monochrome printing options — all done conveniently online. The price is calculated automatically based on customizations, and the final product will arrive 2 days after production is complete.

CASE STUDIES: was selected to produce the first 3D-printed models for the Withings Baby Monitor and the model for renowned Architects Roubert Ravaux Clément and Svenn. The technology met the designers’ requirements in terms of fine details, and is a key element in the fast-changing field of rapid prototyping.

The first production of Withings’ Baby Monitor– designed by Elium Studio – was honoured with 2 CES Innovation Awards at this years Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas. Also another award that was received in Europe was a star from l’Observeur du Design 2011, the Lieu du Design award for the Paris Region. Pierre Garner, Elium Studio associate designer, explains: “On screen, a 3D model can only simulate reality; 3D manufacturing allows us to actually handle our designs and offers a unique way to verify their volumes.”

Similarly, by using to produce the model for its projects, architecture firms Roubert Ravaux Clément and Svenn, along with architect Benoit Vanneste, placed first out of the 84 teams who entered the “Sustainable and Socially-Inclusive Housing” competition. The competition was organized by the ALJT (Young Workers Housing Association) and the OSICA Social Enterprise for Housing. “Our partnership with was extremely fruitful and actually helped to develop the methodology used to produce large-scale models,” said (Alberto Rochat from Svenn Architects).

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