ATUM circular saw future design by Dan Allen

what if there was a power tool that follows the same design principle as companies like OXO and Apple. This power tool would have to be ergonomic, intuitive, sleek, and only have the features that you need when you need them. I took the challenge to create to redesign the circular saw to be just that.
atum is the product of many hours researching the current market circular saws. after interviewing contractors, handymen, and first-time users I learned that the ideal power tool would be and extension of your arm. this created some ideas as to how I could create a very unique look by allowing the user to hold the saw like a disk. of course this cause some engineering problem so I after some research into other designs that have the same hub-less design I came up with a motor configuration using a very thin brush less motor(created by launchpoint motors) that is attached to a swappable spur gear which spins the blade at up to 4,000 rpm(this is just to show how much it potentially could have). I then designed a new blade that would look like a standard 7 1/4 inch blade on the cutting end and features gear teeth on the inside, much like an internal spur gear. atum is equipped with both corded and rechargeable battery power that can be charged while in use. the size of the battery has been reduced by 10 times thanks to a new energy source using carbon nanotubes. the battery holds its charge when not in use and is non-toxic since it is made from carbon. by creating a narrower base there wasn’t much room for the bevel or guides so my base is designed to lock in other “accessory bases”. taking off accessories that are only used once in a while lightened up the saw drastically. to make the saw even lighter the shell, base, and blade guard would be made from cast magnesium alloy. I am very pleased with how it turned out and I hope this design will leave you inspired. I know that this product is a bit ahead of its time but with technology moving as fast as it is I see no reason not the think outside of the box and create products for the near future.

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