Best of News Design 34th Edition


ISBN: 9781592539420

Best of News Design 34th Edition by the Society for News Design and published by Rockport carries on from the successful Best of News Design series. You might also be interested in our previous Best of News Design Review:

If you don’t know the Best of News Design series it aims to compile the very best design featured in newspapers. It judges these works from a wide range of experienced and well qualified judges like design directors and corporate directors of innovation from around the world which give the series some credibility and fairness.

The book is written in English and Spanish which isn’t too much of an annoyance seeing as the book is highly visual. As usual the graphics, presentation and quality is to notch. The quality of articles and designs just seems to get better and better each year. For those in the field designing this beautiful creations this is surely a book not to be missed. Likewise enthusiasts of newspapers, and there’s a lot of them, will also find this book very entertaining. Although it is a news design book there is no reason why elements of these designs can be put into a wide range of mixed media. Best of News Design 34 is filled with inspiration that I am going to certainly apply to online layouts.

Talking about online layouts I believe the significance of this book is loosing a little bit of steam. As more and more of us go online to get our news the art of designing for print is slowly withering away. And of course there is going to be great opportunities to apply this visual information in a digitial and online form with of course appreciating the user interface and constraints and opportunities of online information and data. What I would like to see in the next version of this title is a digital online news design. As I think this is a field where no attention is paid to and from what I have seen not much is going on; especially from the big name players. Often online news sites just have 1 picture at the top and just paragraphs of text underneath. It would be great to see what these artists can do online in conjunction with coders, designers and animators. As I fear as this great series drum beats on the audience for this book alone will be the entrants of the competition and they will be crying for attention.

With that said the artistic abilities of these artists is to be admired, dying medium or not. Some of my favorites include the Barack Obama piece, Spiderman graphic and the Omaha World-Herald man with speaker design. I loved some of the visual communication, or visual data shown in the lunar lookback piece and the 50 Years of James Bond piece by Gulf News.

With the usual successful formula of full-colour layouts, a great array of entrants and judges littered with interesting commentary, Best of News Design 34th Edition is really not to be missed.










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