Industrial Design TV Shows Important Update!

Article by Martin Gibson – Twitter – 10.06.2010 Update on ‘Design for Life’ One of the things I love most about blogging is the community of industrial designers who come on Embody 3D and check out the articles and who leave some really helpful comments. Last week I did a post on ‘Design for Life’ [...]

Interview – Jonathan Caro – Masters Student

In this critical interview Jonathan Caro, currently undertaking an MA in CAD Design, gives us a great insight into student life as a designer in Nottingham, England. Jon is currently turning company logos into massive building structures in future cities. Sound bizarre? Well read on and find out more! For more information about Jon please check [...]

The Good, The Bad, The Interesting of CES 2010!

Each year for a week CES or the Consumer Electronics Show (Las Vegas) an array of ultra cool gadgets and concepts from some of the largest players in the industry including Samsung, Lenovo, Toshiba, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, HP, HTC, Motorola, 3M, LG, Intel, Sony , Dell, Palm, Philips and much much more, as well as [...]

Industrial Design Major Project Tips and Tricks

In this post I will provide some handy tips and tricks that may prepare you for your industrial design major project. As well helping you get your project finished on time I will also provide guidance for getting your project to be of a professional standard. This will be helpful for students in their final [...]