Red Dot 2009 Winning Concepts – Workplace

Article by Martin Gibson – Twitter – 10.06.2010 The Red Dot 2010 Design Competition is now running! Find out more information about this years competition here. Mr Oscar Javier REYES ACOSTA The Third Vision System is a holistic sorting system for packages that could be put to excellent use in sorting centres, warehouses, and any [...]

11Eleven Project Global Poster Competition.

General Description: Last year we invited people are the world to capture their lives on the 11/11/11, via the use of cameras, microphones etc. We are currently in the midst of creating a feature length film from the submissions from over 179 countries. Leading up to the release of the film, we are looking for [...]

The Brembo B-Tech helmet,

The helmet Brembo B-Tech has been selected for ADI Design Index 2011, the selection of the best Italian product design for 2011, the world’s first full-face helmet with Automatic Fit Belt fastening, and the field of view of a Jet helmet. Brembo helmets are designed to enhance safety, comfort and design and present innovations for [...]

Color Inspirations

Article by Martin Gibson – Twitter: @martingibson @embody3d - 30.09.2011 Colour is such a critical factor in design, just as ergonomics, rituals of use, functionality, shape and style and so on. But unlike these factors when do we ever study colour at university or college? Well recognised universities graphic design programs often have classes on colour [...]

Rethinking Digital Photography – Making & Using Traditional & Contemporary Photo Tools

Article by Martin Gibson – Twitter: @martingibson @embody3d - 31.08.2011 Typically on Embody 3D we review books with strong relevance to industrial design, and perhaps at first glance a book on photography might appear a little detached from this field. However I want to make a case as to why this area of study is important [...]

ATUM circular saw future design by Dan Allen

what if there was a power tool that follows the same design principle as companies like OXO and Apple. This power tool would have to be ergonomic, intuitive, sleek, and only have the features that you need when you need them. I took the challenge to create to redesign the circular saw to be just [...]

One Show Interactive Annual by Jeff Hirsch

Article by Martin Gibson – @embody3d @martingibson - 17.03.2011 One Show Interactive Annual by Jeff Hirsch and published by Club publishing is dedicated to interface design and interactivity. It is of particular use to industrial designers, especially ones working in the consumer electronics space especially where web and screen based interfaces are utilized. The quality of the work is simply [...]

Red Dot 2009 Winning Concepts – Life Science

Article by Martin Gibson – Twitter – 10.06.2010 The Red Dot 2010 Design Competition is now running! Find out more information about this years competition here. Miss Jihye LEE Sweet Donation Bag is a vessel for donated blood. Its outer casing has been designed to facilitate easy identification, and to soothe the mind of the [...]

MindNode for Mac/Iphone

Article by Martin Gibson – @embody3d @martingibson - 11.01.2011 If you have installed the latest Mac Operating System update you would have of course noticed the new Mac App Store because it is shoved right at the top of your dock. The Mac App Store is a push by Apple to transfer the success of the [...]

Industrial Design Presentations and Pitches

Design presentations and pitches are an integral part of the industrial design profession. As what is a great idea when there is no one to sell it? In fact many great ideas in our time haven’t come into fruition due to poor communication. A lot of the time within small to medium businesses we find [...]